How to Repair a Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence | February 27, 2020

Having a clear understanding of how to repair a chain link fence will allow you to make an informed decision about whether or not this is a project you should tackle on your own. At Vulcan Metal Works, we understand how important it is to properly maintain chain link fencing to ensure that it continues to provide optimal security for your property. That is why we carry a selection of commercial-grade chain link fencing products backed by our expert installation and repair services.

Repairing the Mesh on a Chain Link Fence

To properly repair the mesh on a chain link fence, you should:

1. Detach the Rail Wires

While wearing work gloves to protect your hands, locate the rail wires that connect the chain link mesh to the top railing, and use a pair of pliers to detach them before pulling the mesh back from the rail. Once the mesh has been pulled back, find the top ends of the damaged wires and begin unwrapping them from the undamaged wires with the pliers. Make sure to follow the strands all the way to the ground before using the pliers to remove the lower rail wire ties.

2. Remove the Damaged Mesh

Grab the top end of the damaged wires and remove them by pulling them up from the fence. In the event that the wires are stuck in place, chances are that some of the damaged wires are still attached to the undamaged sections of chain link and you will need to unravel them further.

3. Cut the New Mesh to Size

If you are trying to fix a large section of the fence’s mesh, you will need to purchase a roll of chain link from your fence supplier. The mesh will need to be measured to ensure that there is enough material to cover the gap and then cut to size.

4. Tie the Wire to the Rails

Tie the new wire mesh to the top rail by looping the ends of the wire over each other and pulling the ends down toward the rail. Next, apply wire ties approximately every 24″ along the top and bottom rails to bind the wires in place.

5. Tighten the Chain Link Mesh

To finish setting the new mesh in place, make sure that the mesh is unbolted from the tension bands on the posts. Attach a come-along tool to the two nearest posts and then crank the tool until the chain link moves no less than about a 1/4″ when you push them together with your fingers.

If you would like to learn more about how to repair a chain link fence, or if you are looking for a professional to help repair your chain link fence, please contact Vulcan Metal Works at 604-862-5378 or by sending us a request on our website.

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