Driveway Gates for Vancouver Homes

Automatic Gates, Gates | January 30, 2020

If you have a home in Vancouver and you have often thought about adding an extra security measure, it could be worth looking into getting a gate for your driveway. There are many different kinds of gates, and most of them can be automated to make accessing your home as convenient as possible, while still offering excellent security. At Vulcan Metal Works, we offer a wide variety of installation services of driveway gates for Vancouver homes.

What Kind of Driveway Gates are Best for Vancouver Homes?

There are many driveway gates available, and some of them are better suited for certain types of properties than others. In Vancouver, it is important to keep in mind that space is often an issue when installing a gate on a driveway. This means that many types of gates, such as sliding gates, are not an option as there needs to be space for the gate to move out of the way. When looking into the type of gate that is best for your Vancouver driveway, make sure that you look into something that will suit your space. Some of the best kinds of gates for Vancouver homes include:

Swing Gates

Swing gates are some of the most commonly seen gates for Vancouver driveways. As the name implies, these gates swing inward or outward on a hinge, meaning that they are able to operate within a tight space, as long as there is room for the swing radius. Swing gates are often automated and can include two gate panels or one in order to suit a variety of Vancouver homes.

Vertical Pivot Lift Gates

If you want a gate that will fit in nearly any space and does not create any kind of an obstacle when opening, make sure that you consider a vertical pivot lift gate. Rather than swinging or sliding, this type of gate lifts itself out of the way on a pivot point at one side, similar to a railroad crossing gate. Many Vancouver driveways deal with steep slopes or narrow property lines and this gate is ideal for such circumstances.

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