Decorative Metal Fences vs. Wood Fences

Metal Fences, Ornamental Fencing | April 28, 2020

There are many types of fences that offer excellent aesthetic value without sacrificing durability or longevity. The two most popular types of fences that offer security and are easy to look at are decorative metal fences and wood fences. Knowing which of these two options is best suited to your needs can help you to make the right decision for your property. At Vulcan Metal Works, we provide a wide variety of metal fencing and gate options, including ornamental fences for residential and commercial purposes.

What Kind of Ornamental Fencing Should I Install?

If you are looking for a new fencing option for your home or business, it is worth comparing the value of ornamental metal fences with wood fences. Wood fences are one of the most common types of security barriers, especially in residential circumstances, due to their affordability, weather resistance, and attractiveness; however, metal decorative fencing provides a great alternative if you are looking for something a bit sturdier and with a different aesthetic. Some of the ways that an ornamental metal fence can bring value to your property include:

Durability and Weather Resistance

Although wood fencing is pretty sturdy and weatherproof (as long as it is cedar or treated wood), the right metal fencing offers a much more durable, longer-lasting alternative. Most types of metal fencing can bend rather than break like wood and they are typically more impact resistant as well. With a powder coated finish, metal fences can last much longer than wood fences without needing to be retreated, meaning that they require less maintenance in order to survive the elements.

Aesthetic Value

While wood fences look great and can be stained and painted various colours, they often obscure visibility entirely. Alternatively, metal fences are able to be painted the colour of your preference, and they also provide clear sightlines for the sake of security. This is also beneficial so that you can take advantage of any great views from your property. Metal fences also have a more elegant quality than most wood fences, making them preferable for many homes and businesses.


One of the reasons that ornamental metal fences are a great way to protect your property is for the security advantages that they offer over wood fences. They are typically more difficult to climb than wood fences, making it harder for people to access your property. Ornamental metal fences also offer great sightlines, so it is much more difficult for people to hide behind the fence or sneak up on a property.

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