Where to Rent a Temporary Fence in Vancouver

Fence Rentals, Metal Fences | December 19, 2018

Whether you are securing a construction site, fencing off a Vancouver event, directing foot traffic, or constructing a temporary fence around a piece of property until a permanent solution can be found, it is beneficial to know where to rent a temporary fence in Vancouver. Vulcan Metal Works provides temporary fence rentals and other metalworking solutions to clients from all over the Vancouver area.

Temporary Fences in Vancouver, BC

Fence rentals from Vulcan Metal Works are perfect for film sets, construction sites, and festivals. All temporary fence panels are 6 feet tall by 10 feet wide and are made out of strong metal with a weather resistant finish to stand up to the harshest outdoor conditions. Vulcan Metal Works offers full delivery, installation, and take-down services for rental fencing in Vancouver to save your company time and money. If your fence is only going to be used for a limited amount of time, our fence rental service is perfect for you.

How to Rent a Temporary Fence

Renting a temporary fence from Vulcan Metal Works is an easy three-step process. The steps for renting a temporary fence in Vancouver are as follows:

  1. Find out the perimeter of the site you want fenced off.
  2. With the perimeter distance in mind, call Vulcan Metal Works for a quote or to book
  3. Be ready on site for the arrival and set up of your temporary fence by Vulcan Metal Works.

All fence rentals from Vulcan Metal Works are designed to minimize hassle and lighten your workload. Our 50 years of experience in fence rentals and installation make us Vancouver’s number one commercial fencing company.

To find out more information about where to rent a temporary fence in Vancouver, or if you are interested in one of our fence products or rentals, please contact Vulcan Metal Works at 604-329-9562 or by requesting a quote on our website.

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