Where to Find Bollards in Vancouver

Bollards | December 5, 2019

If you are looking for a system that blocks traffic from vehicles but allows for pedestrians, cyclists, and other types of smaller traffic, bollards are one of the best ways to go. Whether you are securing a store front or keeping a walking trail safe, it can be useful to know where to find bollards in Vancouver. At Vulcan Metal Works, we manufacture and install heavy-duty concrete and steel bollards.

Vancouver Bollard Suppliers

Bollards are available in many different colours and finishes to make them suitable for a wide range of Vancouver uses. At Vulcan Metal works, we provide a massive range of bollard sizes, looks, and finishes to ensure that our bollards can be used in a variety of settings. Some of the different bollards that we supply in the Vancouver area include:

Coloured Bollards

If you need bollards installed to protect a mall, storefront or other commercial property from vehicles, or if you are installing bollards inside of a building to protect an area from carts and forklift traffic, it can be good to use a colour that suits your branding. There are many different kinds of coloured options available in both painted bollards and bollard covers.

Galvanized Bollards

Bollards with galvanized finishes are perfect for outdoor uses in Vancouver. If aesthetic value is not an issue, galvanized steel bollards can offer a great solution. These types of bollards are most often used in industrial areas such as warehouses or manufacturing facilities, as well as to protect installations such as electrical transformers. One of the main benefits of using a galvanized bollard is that the finish does not chip or fade, meaning that, although they might not be as attractive as coloured or covered bollards, they are difficult to damage and do not need to be refinished as often.

Removable Bollards

In many situations, bollards need to be removable in order to allow occasional traffic through. If this is the case, the bollard used will need to be heavy-duty enough to stop a vehicle but have the ability to be lifted out by a person or machine. Removable bollards are often used in Vancouver parks and trails to permit access to authorized vehicles, as well as in some warehouses and commercial applications.

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