How to Stretch a Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence, Fences | August 15, 2019

Whether an existing chain link fence’s length needs to be increased to close a gap or you are installing a new section of fencing, it can be useful to know how to stretch a chain link fence. If you are struggling with fence installation or need a fence professionally installed, the team from Vulcan Metal Works can help. We have years of experience with all kinds of fencing and barricade manufacturing and installation and we specialize with chain link fences.

How Far can I Stretch a Chain Link Fence?

The amount of distance that a chain link fence can stretch will depend on how long the fence is and how many links it has. The longer the fence is, the farther it will be able to stretch. Make sure that that your fence is not too old or brittle, as stretching an old fence too far can result in breaking it. In many cases, it is better to buy a new section of chain link fencing, so consult with a professional before attempting this task.

Stretching a Chain Link Fence

Before stretching a chain link fence, you will need a couple of tools. You will need a come-along system, something immovable to hook the come-along to in order to stretch the fence, and a chain link fence stretching tool. This tool can be purchased or it can be made out of a piece of two-by-four and a couple of bolt hooks. To stretch a chain link fence, follow these simple steps:

1.     Prepare the Chain Link Fence

If the chain link fence being stretched is new, unroll it and secure one end to the starting post. If the fence is already installed, detach it from all of the posts along its length so that it is only secured at the end opposite the part being stretched.

2.     Attach the Come-Along to an Anchor Point

Attach your come-along to an anchor point just past the new post that the fence is attaching to. This could be another post, a truck, or a building.

3.     Set Up the Fence Stretcher

Attach the hooks on the fence stretcher to the chain link fence. The number of hooks that you need will depend on the height of your fence. Hook the free end of the come-along to the fence stretcher.

4.     Stretch and Secure the Fence

Begin cranking the come-along until the chain link fence has been stretched to the desired length. Attach the fence to the newly placed post.

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