Is It Better to Rent or Buy a Fence?

Fence Rentals, Fences | January 29, 2019

If you are looking to secure a jobsite, event space, or any other type of property, you might be faced with the question of whether it is better to rent or buy a fence. The answer to this problem can depend on a multitude of factors that we, at Vulcan Metal Works, have a wealth of experience in dealing with. Our varying experience in the field of commercial grade fence sales and fence rentals has equipped us to make the best recommendations for any industry’s fencing needs.

When to Rent a Fence

The best time to rent a fence rather than buy is when that fence is going to be a temporary structure. Examples of such situations include construction site security, temporary property divisions, festival barricades, landscaping projects, or other events that require privacy, security, or direction of foot traffic. Rental fencing is often a cost-effective way to provide barriers with a minimal amount of expenditure and effort. All fence rentals from Vulcan Metal Works include delivery, setup, and removal so that the only concern that a fence renter needs to have is when to have the rental fence installed.

When to Buy a Fence

Buying a fence can be beneficial in many circumstances. Even if a fence is going to be a temporary structure, buying a fence can sometimes save money in the long run. An owned temporary fence can be moved from jobsite to jobsite if a construction company is running multiple projects one after the other. While this will require the company to move and install the fence themselves at each site, it will allow them to save on rental costs. If a fence is going to be a permanent security fixture for your land, it is usually worth finding the right fencing solution for the needs of the property. More options are available for bought fences and many types of fences and barricades are not available for rent. For that reason, if the requirements of a fence are specific enough, a rental fence might not be an option. If a fence requires aesthetic value, it may be worthwhile to find and purchase an ornamental fence.

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