How to Install Bollards in Existing Concrete

Bollards | May 9, 2019

Bollards can provide an excellent blockade to restrict vehicle access to a piece of property; however, it is always easier to install bollards before concrete has been poured, due to the difficulty that comes with drilling into old concrete. If you need to install bollards in existing concrete, make sure that you call a fencing installation professional, like the ones at Vulcan Metal Works. We have experience fabricating and installing bollards throughout BC.

Installing Bollards in Existing Concrete

The procedure to install bollards in old concrete requires a set of high-quality tools and having a tradesman with experience boring through concrete and the ground beneath will help to ensure that the job is finished efficiently and properly. The steps to take when installing bollards in existing concrete are as follows:

1.     Prepare the Site

Preparing a site for a bollard installation includes checking for hazards such as water or gas lines and underground wiring, as well as securing the area and obtaining all of the proper permits. Clean the concrete surface from any debris or dirt that will disrupt the concrete marking or drilling. Mark out where the bollards will be placed.

2.     Drill out the Concrete

Using a core drill, remove the concrete. The hole should be at least four inches wider in diameter than the bollard being placed so that there are two inches of wiggle room on all sides of the bollard. Have a vacuum handy to suck up any debris or standing water.

3.     Dig Out the Hole

Use an auger or a post hole digger to make a hole beneath the concrete. Check the recommended depth for your area to make sure that the hole goes significantly deeper than the frost line in your region.

4.     Fill the Hole with Concrete

Mix and pour the new concrete into the hole. Fill the hole all the way to the top.

5.     Set and Finish the Bollard

Place the bollard in the hole. Use a level to ensure that it is standing perfectly vertical. Even out the top of the concrete. If the bollard is a pipe bollard, fill it with concrete. If the bollard has a cover, place the cover over it. If not, clean up the bollard before the concrete hardens on it.

For more information about how to install bollards in existing concrete, or to learn about any of our fencing products and services, please contact Vulcan Metal Works or fill out an information form on our website and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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