How to Install a Chain Link Fence on Uneven Ground

Chain Link Fence, Fences | February 12, 2019

In many cases, chain link fences need to be built on unlevel ground. This can lead to large amounts of frustration during the installation process. The easiest way to avoid this frustration and guarantee that the fence is installed properly is to hire an experienced fencing company, like Vulcan Metal Works, to do the installation for you. In the case that a person desired to install a fence on their own, the following instructions address the question of how to install a chain link fence on uneven ground.

Installing a Chain Link Fence on Unlevel Ground

Before trying to install a chain link fence on an uneven surface, it is important to know the difference between the two purposes of fence posts. The first purpose is that of a terminal post, which is a post that a fence panel ends on. The second type is a line post, which merely provides support for the fence. To install a chain link fence, follow these steps:

1.     Ensure that Your Chain Link Fence is Legal

Before constructing your chain link fence, make sure that you have all of the necessary permits. The line on which the fence is located must be within your property, so double check to ensure that the operation is legal.

2.     Locate the Corners of the Fence Line

The corners of a chain link fence are terminal posts. Find the corners of your fence and dig post holes. Place your corner fenceposts and pour concrete around them. Make sure that your posts stand level as the concrete dries.

3.     Mark the Placement for Terminal and Line Posts

Once the concrete dries, use a long string to make a line between the corner posts. Based on the size of your chain link fence panels, dig holes at set intervals along the fence line. A terminal post will need to be placed at any point where the ground rises or falls.

4.     Solidify Each Fencepost

Pour concrete around each fencepost and make sure that they stay level while the concrete hardens. Before pouring concrete, it may be worthwhile to stretch the sheets of chain link fencing between the terminal posts to ensure that the posts are properly spaced.

5.     Install the Chain Link Fencing

Starting with the sections that are on even ground, install the sections of chain link fence. Place the spanner bars between the fence posts and secure the fence to both.

6.     Cut the Sections of Chain Link that Span the Uneven Ground

Secure the top corners of the chain link fence to the fenceposts at either side of the sloping or uneven ground. Cut out the sections that overlap the fenceposts. If done properly, the sections of fencing that stretch across uneven ground should appear to be installed diagonally between posts that stand vertically.

To find out more about how to install a chain link fence on uneven ground, or to learn more about our fence installation services, please contact Vulcan Metal Works or fill out an information form on our website and we will get back to you.

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