How to Take Down a Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence, Fences | September 12, 2019

Whether you are removing a fence to replace it, open up space, or expand a property, knowing how to take down a chain link fence properly can be beneficial. At Vulcan Metal Works, we are experienced with removing, moving, and installing chain link fences, and we can ensure that any old chain link fence is removed properly.

Removing a Chain Link Fence

Before taking down a chain link fence, make sure that you have a destination in mind for the old materials. In some cases, the old fence can be sold. Otherwise, you may need to take the fence to a metal recycler.

To remove a chain link fence, observe the following steps:

1.     Clear the Area

Clear away space on one side of the fence so that you can lay the chain link material on the ground easily once it is free. Clearing the area will also make it easier for you to work. During this time, you should also cover and protect any plants that might get trampled or flattened.

2.     Unfasten the Mesh from the Posts

The wire mesh on your chain link fence might be fastened using a variety of different methods. It could be held in place using metal ties, bolts and tension bars, or a combination of the two. Cut the ties using wire or bolt cutters, and remove the bolts holding the tension bars in place.

3.     Create Sections of Chain Link Fence

Cut the chain link fence into manageable sections. The size of each section will be subject to how much you can handle, but a good recommended size would be about 20-foot-long chunks. If you are selling the fence, you may want to check with your buyer to see how long they would like the fence sections to be.

4.     Roll Up the Sections

As you remove the fence, lay the sections that you cut down on the ground and roll them up to make them easier to handle.

5.     Remove the Top Rail

The top rail on a chain link fence is usually bolted in place or uses clamps and braces. Remove the system securing the rail and pull it free.

6.     Remove the Posts

Removing the posts is the hardest part of the job. You will need to dig out the concrete anchors and pull the posts out. This may require teamwork or hoisting equipment. If the posts are installed in concrete or asphalt rather than dirt or grass, they will need to be cut and ground down to below ground level.

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