How to Move a Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence, Fences | May 28, 2019

If a chain link fence is no longer serving its purpose, it can sometimes be more affordable to reuse it in a new location rather than buying a new fence. The difficulty of moving a fence can vary depending on how the fence was installed. At Vulcan Metal Works, we know how to move a chain link fence, as well as all of the stumbling blocks that can make the task difficult.

Moving a Chain Link Fence

Before attempting to move a chain link fence, it is often worthwhile to have it inspected by a professional fence installer to make sure that it is even worth saving. If the fence is only going to last a few more years, it is usually more worthwhile to install a new fence that will last longer so that you do not have to go through the fence installation process twice.

The steps to move a chain link fence are as follows:

1.     Inspect the Chain Link Fence Posts

Depending on how the fence was previously installed, the fence posts may or may not be reusable. Some installers use enough cement when anchoring posts to make it impossible to dig out and move posts, meaning that the old posts will have to be cut off at the base. In this case, it may be necessary to buy new posts.

2.     Mark Out the New Fence Line

Use rope or string to mark off the perimeter of the new fence. Dig new postholes at the proper intervals along the fence line.

3.     Disassemble the Fence

Detach the chain link mesh from the posts and roll it up to make it easier to move. Remove the fence rails, tension bars, and caps so that only the posts are left standing.

4.     Dig Out the Old Posts

Use a shovel to dig out the old chain link fence posts. Make sure that you dig far enough away from the post that your digging will not be obstructed by the concrete anchor. Clean any dirt or debris off of the cement.

5.     Set the Fence Posts

Whether you are using new or old chain link fence posts, set them in the newly dug out post holes. Make sure that the posts are level and fill in the holes with fresh concrete. Let the concrete set properly.

6.     Rebuild the Fence

Reset the rails, tension bars, fence caps, and any other materials that were removed from the old fence, and secure the chain link mesh to the newly assembled framework.

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