How to Install a Chain Link Double Swing Gate

Chain Link Fence, Gates | March 28, 2019

If a gate needs to be installed over a wide road or path, sometimes the best option for an entrance is a double swing gate. At Vulcan Metal Works, we specialize in gate and fence installation and, as chain link fence experts, we have a wealth of information on how to install chain link double swing gates. To make sure that your fence and gate are installed properly, make sure that you contact an experienced fence provider and installer.

Chain Link Double Swing Gate Installation Instructions

As long as the fence that the chain link double swing gate is attached to was installed properly, gate installation can be done with just a few steps. Before starting a gate installation, make sure that you consult a fence and gate installation specialist, such as Vulcan Metal Works.

When installing a dual swing gate, adhere to the following steps:

1.     Check to Ensure that the Gate Posts are Level

Using a level, make sure that the chain link fenceposts that you are attaching your double swing gate to are as close to vertical as possible. If they are not, the gate will not swing properly and may be difficult to open or close, or it may not line up with the opposing gate.

2.     Tie a String Between the Fenceposts

Use a string to make a level line between the fenceposts at the height of the bottom of the chain link dual swing gate.

3.     Attach the Gate Latch Hardware to the Gates

Lay the two gates on the ground and attach the latch hardware to both gates while making sure that the top edges of both gates line up with one another.

4.     Attach the Hinges to the Gates

Most chain link gate hinge hardware fastens to fenceposts using U-bolts or clasps, so drilling into the posts and gates should not be necessary. Bolt the hinges to the gates and make sure that the hinges are level with each other.

5.     Attach the Gates to the Posts

Line up the bottom of one of the gates with the string and attach the hinge to the post using the U-bolt or clasp. Make sure that the bolts are tight enough that the gate will not slip down the post. Repeat this process with the second gate.

6.     Line Up the Gates and Drill for the Centre Drop Pin

Close the gates and latch them together and mark the location of the central pin. Open the gates and drill a hole for the pin to be driven into the ground.

To learn more about how to install a chain link double swing gate, please contact Vulcan Metal Works or fill out an information form on our website and we will get back to you.

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