Handrails for Concrete Steps

Handrails | October 30, 2018

To increase the safety of your home or facility, it is wise to incorporate handrails for concrete steps. At Vulcan Metal Works, we recognize the importance of quality products when it comes to safety, which is why we offer a variety of handrail products and custom designs for handrails that are perfect for both homes and businesses.

Standards for Handrails

In order to optimize safety, handrails must meet a certain set of standards. Concrete steps are unforgiving for anyone who falls on them, which means that handrails for concrete steps must be designed to support the falling weight of most individuals. Standard metal stair railings can support at least 200 pounds of weight, and many high-quality railings exceed this standard.

Concrete stairs are often outdoors, which means that the accompanying railing should be weather resistant by being galvanized or powder coated to prevent rust. In the case of pipe railing, each component of the handrail must have a diameter of an inch and a half, and the standard for handrail height is between 30 and 37 inches. It is also good to try to implement handrails that use fairly thick steel to ensure that the railing is strong enough to support the required weight.

Handrail Designs

Just because a handrail exists for safety purposes does not mean that it cannot be pleasing to look at. There are many looks and designs available for concrete stair handrails. A handrail can be welded together to create a clean look or it can be assembled with pipe fittings to give it a more industrial feel. A powder coating offers more colour options and lends to the clean, finished aesthetic, while a galvanized handrail can look rustic and tough. Steel handrails can come in a variety of shapes, but the most common design is a straight railing with right-angle posts.

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