Do I Need an Automated Gate?

Automatic Gates, Gates | January 8, 2019

With the technology for security becoming ever more affordable and accessible, many home and business owners are asking the question, “Do I need an automated gate?” At Vulcan Metal Works, we know the benefits of having a good automated gate system and we offer a variety of services for fences and gates, including automated gate installation.

Reasons to Install an Automatic Gate

Having an automatic gate installed is less expensive and more convenient than many people think. Some reasons to have an automated gate on your property include:

Automatic Gates Offer Security and Privacy

An automatic gate provides a barrier to potential thieves. When confronted by a gate that cannot be opened manually, a less motivated thief will move on to an easier target. If kids or pets live on the property, automatic gates can help keep them safe by preventing the possibility of somebody forgetting to close the gate properly. Automatic gates offer increased privacy, as anybody without the proper code or remote will not be able to access the property.

Automatic Gates Increase Property Value

A property with an automatic gate guarding the entrance is often perceived as having a higher value to potential buyers. Whether the automated gate is securing a multifamily complex, an office building, or a home, automatic gates provide an amenity that help people to feel safe, which has great value.

Automatic Gates Provide Convenience

If a property has a gate that is not automated, anybody wishing to pass will need to get out of their vehicle, unlatch and open the gate, drive their vehicle through, get out of the vehicle again to close the gate, and then drive the rest of the way to the property. Automatic gates eliminate this lengthy and annoying process. Rainy or cold days no longer need to be dreaded; with an automatic gate, the only hassle is remembering your code or where you put the remote.

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