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Fences, Gates | July 19, 2018

Commercial fences and gates are the perfect addition to any type of industrial or commercial property because they offer a higher level of protection. At Vulcan Metal Works, we understand how important it is for you to ensure the safety and security of your property. That is why we offer a wide range of fences and gates that are perfect for a wide range of different applications.

Types of Commercial Fences

Some of the different types of commercial fences available include:

Chain Link Fences

One of the most affordable, yet secure types of commercial fencing available on the market, chain link fencing can be used for a wide variety of different applications, such as for commercial dog kennels, around the perimeter of your business or home, or around schools and sports fields.

Ornamental Fences

If you are looking to add better protection without skimping on aesthetics, ornamental fencing might be the perfect option for you. All of our ornamental fencing products are available in a wide selection of styles, making it the perfect option for both residential and commercial fencing applications.


All handrail products from Vulcan Metal Works are fabricated using schedule 40 steel and are designed to provide a high level of strength and durability. Handrails can be easily welded or fitted into place, depending on your specific needs.


Designed to help prevent vehicle incursions on buildings and structures, bollards are the perfect option for commercial and industrial applications. All of our bollard products are made from a heavy-duty steel construction and can be customized with a range of different colours and covers.

Types of Commercial Gates

Some of the different types of commercial gates available are:

Automation Gates

Perfect for industrial, commercial, and residential applications, automation gates work to offer quick, easy access to a property. All of our automation gates are constructed from high-quality materials, designed to withstand everyday use in all types of weather.

Barrier Gates

Barrier gates are heavy-duty, tamper resistant, and impact resistant gates that are able to open quickly in order to allow for the flow of vehicle traffic. This type of commercial gate is best suited for commercial and industrial properties, including provincial parks.

Slide Gates

As one of the most practical, cost-effective, and efficient type of commercial gates around, slide gates are the perfect solution for both residential and commercial applications. Slide gates are designed to provide a higher level of security without sacrificing convenience.

Swing Gates

Swing gates are made from a heavy-duty construction that offers strength and durability, making it ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. This type of commercial gate can easily be automated to allow for efficient access to the property, while still maintaining high-level security.

Vertical Pivot Lift Gates

Vertical pivot lift gates are ideal for all types of different terrains (curbs, railroads tracks, uneven driveways, speedbumps, drainage swales, etc.), as they can easily be adapted to any height. Unlike some other types of commercial gates, vertical pivot lift gates work perfectly in all types of weather conditions.

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