How Close Can I Put a Fence to the Property Line?

Fence Facts, Fences | August 29, 2019

When looking into building a fence around or through your property, it is important to know how close you can put a fence to the property line. Knowing your legal rights can ensure that you do not run into trouble with your neighbours and the law. Although the main laws regarding fences and property lines are consistent across British Columbia, some communities have bylaws that will need to be followed, so make sure that you always check with your local governing body or consult a professional, like the ones at Vulcan Metal Works, before erecting a fence.

How Close Can a Fence be to a Property Line?

If you own property that is adjacent to a property that is owned by someone else, you have two options for building a fence. The options for fence placement are as follows:

Building a Fence on Your Side of a Property Line

A fence may be built by any person along their side of the property line as long as it does not cross over the dividing line. This option is often a preferable solution in situations wherein one property owner wishes to have a fence and the other does not. Unless they have been given permission, a person cannot build a fence that in any way intrudes onto property that is not theirs. In these cases, it is important to know what the local bylaws are that govern the types of fences that can be built.

Building a Fence Directly on the Property Line

Another option for building a fence is to build it right on the dividing line between two properties. This option works well when both parties involved would like to have a fence built. If there is any dispute regarding the property line’s location, a BC land surveyor can settle the dispute. In cases where both property owners want a fence and it is being built right on the property line, both parties are responsible to pay for the cost of the fence and this cost is usually split 50%-50%. Repair costs are also typically split down the middle, but any aesthetic work, such as painting and staining, will be paid for by the party on whose side of the fence the work is taking place.

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