Chain Link Fences

Chain Link Fence | October 4, 2018

Chain link fences are a popular and effective fencing system that can easily be used as partitions. We, at Vulcan Metal Works, know the importance of choosing the proper fencing solution to suit your needs and, to that end, we provide a wide variety of fencing products that offer versatility and customizability.

Chain Link Fence Products

Chain link fences offer a low-cost but effective fencing solution that can be used in almost any application. Some common examples of prime locations for chain link fencing include:

  1. Dog kennels and parks
  2. Business or home perimeters
  3. School yards
  4. Sporting fields
  5. Safety partitions

Vulcan Metal Works’ regular chain link fence is galvanized to ensure that it lasts well in poor weather conditions. The fences can also be powder coated black, which offers an extra edge of aesthetic appeal that many people do not relate to chain link fencing. This also adds a level of protection to help the fence last longer.

Benefits of Using a Chain Link Fence

While one of the main issues that people have with galvanized chain link fencing is that it is not always the most attractive option, applying a black powder coat to the fence or using a vinyl coating on the chain link can make this type of fence look more upscale. While chain link is one of the lowest cost options for fencing, it offers great versatility for sites that require flexibility to adapt to the landscape. The flexibility and lack of moving parts also serve to make chain link fencing incredibly durable, and, with the galvanized, powder-coated or vinyl-coated material, chain link fences can last for many years.

Chain link fencing can also be any length and height, which makes it one of the top options for professional security. Most chain link fences have open visibility, but, by adding slats in between the links the fence, chain link fencing can also serve to obscure sightlines. The openness of chain link also allows for easy airflow, which is ideal for gardens and wooded areas. Chain link is also fairly quick and painless to install, which means that, if there is an element of urgency, chain link is an excellent option for a speedy but secure fencing solution.

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