Benefits of Outdoor Handrails

Handrails | October 24, 2019

If you have any kind of stairs or sloped area on your property, or if you do not want the public to enter a certain section of your property but do not want to install a fence, it is worth knowing the benefits of outdoor handrails. At Vulcan Metal Works, we manufacture and install metal handrails that are perfectly suited to their outdoor environments.

Why Install an Outdoor Handrail?

Whether you own commercial or private property or manage a public area, there are many reasons to install an outdoor handrail. Some of the benefits of outdoor handrails include:


If you have a sloped area that people will be walking on or any stairs on your property, having a handrail installed can greatly increase safety. Elderly or disabled people often require a handrail to make passage through these areas safe. Even if the only foot traffic you see are able-bodied people, rain or spilled materials can make surfaces slick and create a hazard that can be mitigated with an outdoor handrail.

Awareness for Off-Limits Areas

Although handrails are typically fairly easy to pass over or under, they can still be used to show people where the proper areas for foot traffic are. This can be useful for protecting a garden or lawn, as well as keeping people away from unsafe areas.

Financial Protection

As a property owner or manager, if a handrail is not present in an area where it should be and somebody is injured, you can often be held responsible. This can lead to expensive litigation. For this reason, it is important to install handrails around every area with stairs, ramps, sudden drops, or any other hazard. In many cases, posting a sign warning people of the potential hazard is not enough.

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