Benefits of Installing a Temporary Fence

Fence Rentals, Fences | September 26, 2019

Temporary fences have a wide variety of uses for all kinds of industries. Whether you are running a construction site, hosting an event or festival, or simply securing a site until a permanent fence can be installed, there are many benefits to installing a temporary fence. At Vulcan Metal Works, we provide rental, delivery, setup, and pickup services for temporary fences.

The Benefits of Temporary Fencing

There are many great reasons to install a temporary fence as a method of security. Some of the benefits of temporary fencing include:

1. Temporary Fences can be Adjusted

Because temporary fences are secured in place without being anchored into the ground, they can be moved, if necessary, to make room on a jobsite, change up foot traffic patterns, or alter access.

2. Speed of Setup and Takedown

Temporary fences are far faster and easier to set up and take down than permanent fences. This is beneficial for any situation that requires security in a hurry.

3. Temporary Fences can Move with You

If your jobsite or event changes locations, a temporary fence can be broken down to travel with you. This is especially useful for road crews and events that travel around an area.

4. Temporary Fencing is Affordable

Setting up a permanent fence can be costly, as it is difficult to move the fence if it needs to be reused and the labour of installation can be substantial. With a temporary fence, you can rent the materials needed rather than buy them, and not as much labour goes into setting up the barricade.

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