5 Tips for Choosing Ornamental Fencing

Fences, Ornamental Fencing | June 20, 2019

When deciding what kind of fencing to have installed, it is important to know all of your options and their benefits. If you are looking for a type of fencing that offers visual appeal as well as excellent functionality, ornamental fencing might be the way to go. It can be hard to know what the best ornamental fencing options are for your purposes, so we, at Vulcan Metal Works, are always prepared to offer tips for choosing ornamental fencing to anyone in need of help.

5 Tips for Choosing Ornamental Fencing

The right ornamental fencing can be a great investment for your property. Some tips to consider when selecting ornamental fencing include:

1.     What is the Purpose?

Although ornamental fencing can improve the general appearance of a piece of property, its primary function is to restrict access in some way. Before buying an ornamental fence, consider who or what the fence is restricting access to. If the fence is a safety barrier around a pool to protect children and animals, a different size, style, and gauge of metal will be required than if the fence is a property barrier to keep out trespassers or unwanted animals.

2.     Know Your Dimensions

Based on the purpose of the fence, make a decision about where the fence needs to be installed, how high it needs to be, and where the gates will be installed. Some types of ornamental fences are restricted in how tall they can be, so make sure you get a fence that can meet your requirements.

3.     Consider Your Property’s Aesthetic

Ornamental fencing is designed to be visually appealing but, if your property already has an established aesthetic, not all types of fencing will necessarily match your property’s look. Consider getting an ornamental fence that has a classic, widely appealing look, such as Fortress Fence Ornamental fencing.

4.     Consider Long-Term Cost

The right type of fence can last for years and years, making metal ornamental fences a long-term investment. Although a good ornamental fence might cost more at the start, they outlast most other types of fences by many years. Look for an ornamental fence with a considerable guarantee and a great track record.

5.     Think About Visibility

One of the benefits of ornamental fences is the amount of visibility they provide. By using ornamental fencing around a pool or play area, a clear line of sight can always be provided for the sake of safety. Ornamental fences also provide minimal obstruction for a view. If privacy is a priority, ornamental fences look great with hedges or other privacy barriers.

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